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Creating anything, whether it's a ring or a shawl or a pillow cover, transports me to a timeless realm where the ancient past, enlightened present and idealized future all converge into a perfect fusion of realized art that seems to breathe. There is an excitement that I feel when I change the one tiny detail that brings a piece "alive".


Fashion is an expression of peoples's current state of being. My intention is to visualize the next logical conclusion where people will feel both inspired and at home. True style has always transcended time. Inspired jewelry is cherished for generations. It's passed down and received as a precious unique offering of beauty. The way something beautiful makes me feel when I look at it, wear or touch it brings a quality to my life that makes that moment richer. I smile. I focus on the memories of the sweet times of my life. I am energized. That's how I know it's "right". I want people to feel this too. I want them to have not just another possession but hopefully to experience the vibration of the harmony of life when they possess one of my pieces.


I design everything for myself. I'm completely selfish in that regard. It has to feel good for me or it will not feel good for others. I'm inspired by meaning, beauty, honesty and true love. And, a sense of humor is essential. My influences are everything I have experienced whether it was made by man or the infinite creator. For decades I've been an avid collector of contemporary, vintage and antique clothing, jewelry, furniture and many, many other things. Some of my designs are influenced by pieces in my collection or beautiful things I've seen or experienced on my travels but I always try to interpret them in a way that makes them personal.

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